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Shanxi TT waste gas treatment and environmental protection technology center / finishing


The main gas haze formation was found for ammonia, Shanxi TT gas processing (Shenzhen Haidelong Shanxi Office) to share with you:


On the atmosphere of ammonia, the first global long-term satellite research has opened up the world's four most productive areas of agriculture, the "hot" pollutants veil. Using satellite data from the NASA atmospheric infrared detector (AIRS), led by the University of Maryland, the research team found that from 2002 to 2016, ammonia concentration in the United States, Europe, China and India rose steadily.??????


The study, published in the recent issue of the Journal of geophysical research, describes the possible reasons for the increase in atmospheric ammonia concentrations in various regions. Although the specific situation is not the same, but in general, the increase in ammonia and crop fertilizer, livestock waste, atmospheric chemical changes, warming soil.??????


The increase of ammonia concentration in air is related to poor air and water quality. The results of this study may be helpful to inspire people to control the ammonia pollution in agricultural areas and the management strategy of ammonia byproducts.??????

马里兰大学大气和海洋科学专家Juying Warner表示,“从地面测量氨是困难的,但团队开发的以卫星为基础的方法使我们更有效、更准确地追踪它。我们希望这一结果更好地帮助人们进行氨排放管理。”???

"It is difficult to measure ammonia from the ground," said Juying Warner, an expert on atmospheric and Ocean Sciences at the University of Maryland, but the team developed a satellite based approach that allows us to track it more efficiently and accurately. We hope that this result will help people better manage ammonia emissions."??????


Gaseous ammonia is a natural part of the earth's nitrogen cycle, but excessive ammonia is harmful to plants and reduces air and water quality. In the troposphere, it react with nitric acid and sulfuric acid to form nitrate particles that are harmful to human health, and enter the lakes, streams and oceans".??????

“很少有氨是从排气管、烟囱中来的,主要是农业领域,来自肥料、畜牧。”马里兰大学教授Russell Dickerson说,“它对生态系统产生深远影响。在切萨皮克湾氨污染中,大气中的氨贡献了1/4,造成了富营养化,导致了使牡蛎、蓝蟹和其他野生动物生活变困难的‘死亡地带’”。???

"There are very few ammonia from the exhaust pipe, chimney, mainly in the field of agriculture, from fertilizer, animal husbandry." "It has a profound impact on the ecosystem," said Russell Dickerson, a professor at University of Maryland. Ammonia pollution in the Chesapeake Bay, ammonia in the atmosphere contributed to 1/4, resulting in eutrophication, resulting in the oysters, blue crabs and other wildlife life difficult to death zone".??????


There are various reasons for the increase in ammonia from 2002 to 2016 in each of the major agricultural areas involved in the study. For example, the United States, did not experience significant changes in fertilizer use or a significant increase in the amount of fertilizer application methods, but Warner, Dickerson et al, 1990s to pass legislation to reduce acid rain unexpectedly increased ammonia in the atmosphere, because the atmosphere will usually remove ammonia acid.??????


In 4 major agricultural production areas, Europe experienced the most dramatic changes in ammonia content. The researchers believe that this is largely due to the success of the restrictions on the use of ammonia fertilizer and improve the practice of animal manure treatment. In addition, as in the United States, it is also related to atmospheric acidity.??????


The reasons for the increase of ammonia in the atmosphere of China are complex and interactive. The researchers argue that efforts to limit the key precursors of sulfur dioxide, sulfuric acid, may be a liability. But China has also expanded agricultural activities since 2002, increasing the amount of ammonia in ammonia and animal waste. Agricultural soil warming is also associated with increased ammonia.??????


Ammonia increased to allow suspended particles landing in China, which is the main contributor to the thick fog in winter in Beijing." "Meat is becoming a more popular part of Chinese food," Warner said. As the diet changes from meat to meat, ammonia emissions will continue to rise."??????


In India, the heavy use of chemical fertilizers, combined with the accumulation of livestock manure, has led to the world's highest concentration of ammonia in the atmosphere. But the researchers also noted that the rate of increase in ammonia is no faster than other regions. They think it may be due to increased emissions of acid rain precursors.??????

研究人员将所有上述地区氨增加的一部分原因归于气候变化。氨更容易从温暖的土地里挥发出来,而每个地区的土壤自2002年以来呈现出一年年变暖的趋势。??? The researchers attributed some of the increase in ammonia to climate change. Ammonia is more likely to evaporate from warmer soil, and the soil in each region has been warming year by year since 2002.??????


"These analyses provide the first evidence of what happens in the atmosphere over a period of time." Warner said, we hope to get more data from other sources such as the joint polar orbit satellite system, in order to establish a clearer picture."??????


Warner, Dickerson et al. Hope to better understand the relationship between the high demand for agriculture and environmental protection after the ammonia in the atmosphere.??????


Dickerson said that a growing population, especially the carnivorous food demand is also rising, which means that farmers and ranchers need more fertilizer, also resulted in the clean air and water is more difficult to maintain, or the "practice license of wisdom agriculture to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and help avoid adverse effects". (Wang Fang compilation)